EATERS REVIEW – 13 Spots to Eat Teriyaki, Seattle’s Comfort Classic

Family-owned Nikko Teriyaki has been satisfying starved West Seattlites for years. You won’t find much elbow room in this bustling mom and pop shop, but you will find some great teriyaki and even some surprisingly tasty Chinese dishes. For the noodle lovers, add the chicken or beef yakisoba to your meal, served hot off the grill.

YELP REVIEW by Stacy S. (1/29/2018)

Nikko’s is the spot in the westside. I’m a student at Chief Sealth, and all the people from my school use Nikko’s as their go-to, even though we have Toshi’s teriyaki wayyyy closer to us. Nikko’s is also super popular with West Seattle High School Students too. It’s like part of the west-side culture to get Nikko’s.

I usually order a chicken katsu lunch bowl (such a good price for great amount of food). It’s really good and fills you up. It comes with rice and veggies, just make sure to ask for the katsu sauce.

Chicken Katsu- delicious
Chicken Teriyaki- delicious
House Special ( HUGE ASS PLATE meant for 4 people, but I ordered it for myself)- delicious
gyoza- yum

okay, and their service is pretty fast, but like a lot of the reviews say, you might want to order to-go because the establishment is pretty small, but dining in when you get the chance is still a good experience.

GOOGLE REVIEW by Nick Branch (2018/3)

I am a regular here and thoroughly enjoy the place. It’s a small hole in the wall teriyaki joint that serves you very quickly and the food is very high quality. The place seems to be a family business so it has a very nice atmosphere. All employees are very courteous and seem to enjoy their job. Prices are very reasonable as well. I definitely recommend if you’re looking for a quick bite in the West Seattle area and you enjoy great teriyaki.

TRIPADVISOR REVIEW by Fatso928 (December 15, 2017)

We had an office celebration the other day and someone (thankfully) got food from Nikko Teriyaki. I got the chicken teriyaki and it was very good and a good sized serving. The teriyaki sauce has a distinct cinnamon flavor to it — you wouldn’t think it would work very well, but it REALLY works!

I went back tonight and tried the beef/pork teriyaki combo. Again, very good all the way around!!! I can’t wait to go back and try the katsu, and other dishes on the menu. This is my new go-to teriyaki joint!

YELP REVIEW by Brian R. (11/8/2017)

This is my Teriyaki spot on the West Side. Family owned and operated front and back of house.

Pro tip: If you are calling for takeout during rush hour don’t get discouraged if they don’t pick up quickly. It’s a sign that she might be super busy at the counter with walk ups.

Fav dishes: Beef Short Ribs (straight up Korean Kalbi), 9-piece Gyoza (sauce is legit), Katsu/Spicy Chicken combo (that’s my jam).

YELP REVIEW by RAy J. (10/3/2017)

OMG!! The yakisoba is sssoooo good!! I usually don’t like yakisoba but the pictures on yelp spoke to me. They said “come try” and I did!!!
Excellent flavor! Didn’t have a strange after taste or have a weird  texture that I’ve had before at other places. It’s a great value too!! So much food for the money!! I can see this being a regular spot for me. Definitely wanna try other dishes!